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Account Setup

Create an account

To initially start using Trubrics, navigate to the Create an account tab.

If you have forgotten your password, enter your email on the Forgot password? tab to send a password reset email.

Team access

Contact us to gain access for multiple users of an organisation.


All data in Trubrics is organised into Projects. It is up to you how you group your projects, but we suggest you create different projects per AI use case. Upon account creation, a default project is created.

All user prompts are stored directly within the project, i.e. there is a single table for user prompts per project. Prompts can be filtered by model config, prompt template, tags, etc.

Feedback components

Within a project, you may also create feedback components to organise user feedback. Each component collects a unique type of feedback. Multiple feedback components can be implemented for the same AI use case.

Create a feedback component

At the top of the Feedback page in Trubrics, you can create a feedback component. To help you determine what type of feedback to use, there is a visual preview of the UI component, along with the generated code snippet for the component to include into your AI application.

A default component is created in the default project upon account creation, allowing you to directly start saving prompts and 👍 / 👎 user feedback.

Last update: November 15, 2023
Created: November 15, 2023