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Collect feedback from a Flask app

The following example shows how you can integrate Trubrics feedback directly into your Flask application. We will be using Flask templates to render a UI (with HTML & CSS) that displays some different feedback types that you can collect and save to Trubrics.


Install Trubrics & Flask to your virtual environment with

pip install trubrics flask

Run the example app

Set your Trubrics email & password to the following environment variables:

export TRUBRICS_EMAIL="trubrics_email"
export TRUBRICS_PASSWORD="trubrics_password"
export TRUBRICS_COMPONENT="trubrics_component_name"

To directly run the application, clone the trubrics-sdk and run the following command from the root directory:

flask --app examples/feedback/flask/ --debug run

Now open to render the UI:

You can now navigate to Trubrics to manage the feedback that you have collected.

In this example we have built all three feedback types, but only one should be used per feedback component.

Last update: November 15, 2023
Created: November 15, 2023